For pre crushing of materials from 4-6" size down to 80 mesh. Suitable for refractories, minerals, ores, bones, fibrous products etc

Size  HP  Approx. Cap In KGs/HR 
12 5 400
17 7.5 600
22 12.5 800
30 15 1500
36 20 3000
42 25 6000

Description: Four beaters revolving at high speed inside the machine pulverize material fed into it. The powder thus produced instantly passes through the screens in the lower part of the machine. This free escape of the ground material results in extremely rapid grinding with a fine and cool product. This method of grinding is very efficient for a wide range of dry materials and in some cases, also for wet materials.

The Screens : The Screens are of "Cast Iron" having steel bars in a Cast iron frame and are suitable for fine or coarse grinding.